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Security Solutions

Closed Circuit Camera Surveillance, Public Address & Access Control Systems

Our team of professionals follow standard and certified installation guidelines, providing adequate support, monitoring and after service maintenance to security systems ranging from Access control, Video surveillance and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS).

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS): Preventing theft of retail goods in stores can be achieved through EAS system by electronic tags, security labels on retail goods thereby confidently allowing genuine shoppers/customers free range access to many of your items.

Access Control: We provide solutions to control, managing access of personnels on a facility, minimizing security breach and reassurance to safety of your family or staff. Through biometrics security, Security cards or proximity based detection, we give reliable product installation, maintaining and monitoring it after installation.

CCTV: Video surveillance within a facility or home monitors and records activities daily, with footage serving and aiding to identify crime and monitor suspicious activities.